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The core of the NCEdCloud IAM Service is the idea that robust identity management is essential to facilitating the transition to cloud-based technology.

The practical implementation and continuous administration of these technologies depend on a centralised and uniform method for managing accounts, roles, and permissions for accessing them as more services go to the cloud.


The NCEdCloud IAM Service aims to provide each member of the school community in North Carolina with a single, distinct login and password to access cloud-based learning materials. This includes teachers, staff, parents, guardians, and students.

Let’s start NCEdCloud Login.

NCEdCloud Login: IAM Service Comprehensive Instructions

Accessing the NCED Cloud is very simple! There are two ways to login to NcedCloud. You could use a username and password. Students can use a student QR code to login to their account dashboard.

Note: For students, your NCEdCloud username is the pupil number. For teachers and staff, the 10-digit State Employee UID is their username. It is required to have roles to access advanced features at my.ncedcloud.

If you don’t have an account yet, then you can claim your account. To claim your account, see Claim and Verify My Account.

NCEdCloud Login using Credentials

To get access to the platform, just follow these steps:

  • Open a new web browser.

Ncedcloud login

  • Visit the official website of NCEdCloud, which is
  • Now, type your username and click on “Go” to access your NC Cloud login dashboard with rapididentity.

Login using Student QR Code

  1. Go to your internet browser.
  2. Type and Enter.
  3. You will find “Scan Student QR Code”. Click on it.
  4. Your device camera will start. You can now scan the student QR code.
  5. Now, you will logged into your dashboard.

Ncedcloud Scan Student QR Code

How can I get my lost password back?

  • You forgot your password.
  • Do not panic if you misplace your NCEdCloud password!
  • Go to
  • Click on “Forgot Password”. It will take you to the next page.

Ncedcloud Account Recover Forgot Password 1

  • Type your username and Click on Next. Make sure to click on “I am not Robot” Captcha.

Ncedcloud Account Recover Forgot Password 2

  • At the next step, You may be required to respond to security questions for the verification process.
  • After that, you can change your password.

Note: Make sure to remember the password or write it down somewhere safe.

If the above steps do not work for you. You contact your school support team. They will assist with resetting your account password.

Can’t Remember NCEdCloud Username?

To recover your username follow the steps,

  • On the login screen, click the “Forgot My Username” option.

Ncedcloud Account Recover Forgot Username 1

  • Answer the ReCaptcha challenge and input the email address linked to your NCEdCloud account. Select Next.

Ncedcloud Account Recover Forgot Username 2

  • An email, including your NCEdCloud account login, will be sent to your email address.
  • Go to to access NCEdCloud.
  • Select the “Forgot My Username” option located under the “Username” input box.
  • Click Send after entering the email address linked to your NCEdCloud account.

How to change a password if it’s already expired?

  • Users who are still active will continue to be logged in even if their password expires. 
  • The user will be locked out of their account and will need to update their expired password to get in after they become inactive, such as when the device goes to sleep. 
  • Unlock User Accounts for further details.
  • To Change your expired password follow the steps.
  • On the login page. You will notice “Click Here to change your password” link available.
  • Now, enter the new password. Make sure to have a strong password for better security.

Ncedcloud Account Change Password Step 1

  • Retype to confirm the password.

Ncedcloud Account Change Password Step 2

  • Password needs to meet policy requirements.
  • Otherwise, it will show the error message, “Password Does Not Meet Requirements.”
  • Once done. Click on save password.

When you are using the platform, don’t forget to log out of your NCEdCloud account, mainly if you’re using a shared or public computer. To safely exit your session, look for the “Logout” or “Sign Out” button on the platform’s interface.

Such as data systems and internet-based learning materials. For the NC education business, the NC Education Cloud facilitates equitable access, data-driven decision-making, and effective use of technology resources. A dependable, adaptable, and reasonably priced server infrastructure is advantageous for North Carolina’s K–12 educational system’s students.

Important: Passwords shall be at a minimum of 8 characters in length. Password should have Upper case letters, lower case letters and numbers. Avoid using first name, last name spaces within the password.

Ncedcloud Single Sign-On (SSO) Features

  • With the help of NCEdCloud’s single sign-on capability, users may access several apps with only one set of login credentials. For instructors and students alike, this function expedites the login procedure and saves time.
  • Learning Management System (LMS): Teachers may design and oversee online courses, assignments, and assessments with the help of NCEdCloud’s LMS. Students may communicate with their peers, view course materials, and turn in assignments using the LMS.
  • App shop: A variety of educational applications and resources are available in the NCEdCloud app shop. Installing the applications required for their lessons may be done by both teachers and students by browsing the app store.
  • Digital materials: eBooks, films, and interactive simulations are just a few of the many digital materials that are accessible via NCEdCloud. These tools are intended to improve students’ learning experiences and are in line with the state’s curricular requirements.

Advantages of the NCEdCloud Enhanced Learning Experience

Students may access a range of instructional tools, resources, and apps thanks to NCEdCloud. They may now study in a method that best fits their learning preferences and at their speed.

  • Better Collaboration: NCEdCloud makes it easier for students and instructors to work together. Professors may design online courses and assignments using this platform, and students can communicate with both professors and other students.
  • Enhanced Productivity: NCEdCloud simplifies the managerial responsibilities linked to overseeing instructional materials, equipment, and software. Teachers are able to concentrate on their primary duties while also saving time.
  • Safe Environment: NCEdCloud is a platform that guarantees student data protection and privacy. The platform includes robust security features, including encryption and two-factor authentication, and conforms with both federal and state data privacy laws.
  • Economical: NCEdCloud provides an affordable option for North Carolina’s educational institutions. For a small fraction of the price of conventional classroom supplies, the platform provides a variety of instructional tools and resources.
  • One of the potent tools that is revolutionizing education in North Carolina is NCEdCloud. The platform gives educators and learners access to a multitude of instructional tools, resources, and apps that improve the educational process.

In addition, the platform enhances productivity and fosters cooperation in a safe and economical setting. NCEdCloud is an example of how effective technology can be in education, and other states may learn from its success in North Carolina.

All users will have self-service capabilities via the IAM Service, and all PSU administrators (district and charter schools) will have delegation skills.

Why NCEdCloud Is Education’s Coolest Accompanying App

NCEdCloud is the most significant partner for education you could ask for—it’s not just any sidekick, however!

Here are some reasons why NCEdCloud is the best learning companion available.

Dynamic Pair: Cooperation and Interaction

Imagine a classroom where all of the students are collaborating like a well-oiled superhero team.

Teachers, students, and parents can work together seamlessly, exchange materials, and communicate like a dream team, thanks to NCEdCloud.

Through collaborative projects, virtual dialogues, and instantaneous feedback, NCEdCloud enables teachers to establish a dynamic and engaging learning community.

Opening The Storehouse of Abundant Educational Materials

It is a one-stop shop for brains that are eager to learn. NCEdCloud provides a plethora of materials that accommodate a wide range of learning styles and interests, regardless of the topic or grade level.

Awaiting You Is The Personalized Learning Experience

  • It is a fact that everyone learns in a different and fantastic method.
  • NCEdCloud recognises this and customises the educational process for every learner.
  • It is like having a personal tutor who is well-versed in helping you realise your most significant potential!
  • NCEdCloud adaptive learning apps may modify material and degree of difficulty according to student strengths, weaknesses, and learning style.
  • With this individualised approach, every student is guaranteed to succeed and not fall behind.

They provide insightful analysis of performance data, enabling teachers to make well-informed choices for instruction at the classroom level. Through monitoring students’ accomplishments, involvement, and growth areas, educators may adjust their methods and provide focused assistance where it is most required.

Greeting them with wide arms and giving them user manuals will guarantee that they set off on this thrilling educational journey grinning.

Schools should also investigate community collaborations or mobile hotspots to guarantee that kids have access to the cloud no matter where they are in the world.

Note: For students to succeed, parental engagement is essential, and NCEdCloud makes it simpler for parents to keep track of their child’s academic progress.

Shield for Data Security: Preserving It

Even though NCEdCloud is a knowledge guardian, data security is crucial. Your secrets are protected since the platform adheres to stringent security procedures and guarantees transparent data processing!

NCEdCloud keeps its stronghold of data security intact thanks to regular data audits and adherence to data protection laws.

NCEdCloud has invaded North Carolina, transforming the state’s educational landscape. Teachers are now equipped with the resources they need to design exciting lessons.

With individualised learning, students are reaching new heights and realising their full potential! By actively participating in their child’s educational journey, parents create a cooperative and encouraging learning environment.


The easiest method to go to the IAM Service is to open a browser window, enter, and go right there. Enter your username (State UID number) on the login page and click “Go” after that.

You may change your new password at any moment by visiting Choose ““Forgot My Password” option in order to reset your password.

Yes. At NCEdcloud, parents view their child’s academic progress, Parents can keep track of their child’s homework, attendance records, grades, etc.

Choose the checkbox next to the student or the top box if the box is part of a class set. 5. Select the QR Code located on the screen’s bottom. If more than one student is chosen, badges will be produced with many QR codes on each page, along with a list of the students’ names at the top.

A platform for cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) services is called North Carolina Education Cloud (NCEdCloud). Technology has, as everyone knows, revolutionised and progressed the online learning environment. Thanks to technology, you may now get a quality education while relaxing at home and taking advantage of the creation of virtual classrooms. We will go into great depth about one such system, NCEdCloud, today. We will walk you through setting up an account on the Ncedcloud platform, signing in, and, in the event that you forget your password, getting it back. We will also talk about this cloud-based platform’s benefits and drawbacks. So, let’s begin by thoroughly understanding these instruments.

If you’re unable to login to Ncedcloud, do these steps: Try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, and make sure your browser is upgraded to the most current version. Check to see if you’ve entered the right user name and password.

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