How To Use Single Sign-on (SSO) | Setup and Integrate NCEdCloud

Thanks to the new NCEdCloud Single Sign-on (SSO) capability, all Clever users in North Carolina may now access their accounts by utilizing their NCEdCloud login credentials. We’ll go over how to set up Single Sign-on on your account using Clever Ncedcloud, and Ncedcloud powerschool Service in this post.

How Does Authentication Using SSO Operate?

  • From the Clever login page, a user signs in to Clever using the district’s Identity Provider (IDP), such as Google, Active Directory, etc.
  • By using the district’s IDP, Clever authenticates the user.
  • Following user verification, Clever generates a “token,” or a piece of data, that serves as the user’s identity and allows for a successful login.
  • The user has successfully logged into the application!

How is NCEdCloud Single Sign-on (SSO) configured?

  • Go to the official website and sign in using your credentials.
  • Navigate to the dashboard of your account and choose SSO & Portal > SSO Settings.
  • Click on the “Add Login Method” menu item.
  • From the Identity Provider menu, choose “Active Directory Authentication” now.
  • Next, either upload the file directly or input the URL for NCEdCloud Metadata.xml.
  • Select “Save.”


Customize Clever SSO Option

  • Following SSO configuration, you may choose how to tailor it to your requirements:
  • Go to the dashboard of your Clever account after logging in.
  • Select SSO Portal > SSO Settings now.
  • Select the “Customise” option from the menu.
  • Next to the option “Add login hints for active directory,” click the pencil symbol.
  • In the list of available choices, choose “Log in with NCEdCloud.”

Customize Cleaver SSO

  • Click “Save” to finish the process.

After setting up and personalizing your NCEdCloud SSO feature, you may use Clever at any time by using your NCEdCloud login credentials.

SSO (single sign-on) prerequisites

  • To guarantee that consumers have a flawless Clever single sign-on (SSO) experience, the following conditions must be satisfied for clever ncedcloud login:
  • In Clever, users need to have a record (via Secure Sync)
  • Users need to have an existing record in Clever in order to be able to log in.

URL for the District Portal

  • To share with district users, each district may personalize its URL for the Clever login page.
  • Set up your identity provider login for Clever SSO.

If you are facing any issues with SSO, click on Get Help to reach out to us.


 users may safely login onto linked apps with Clever single sign-on (SSO). Users click on the different app icons to be immediately signed in using SSO after logging into Clever simply once with a single set of credentials or by using a Clever Badge.

Using the help of smart single sign-on (SSO), educators and students may sign in using Google-provided district email addresses. This implies that in order to use Clever, users will need to utilize their district-assigned Google email account and password (instead of a email address).

Click on Create New Application after selecting Applications → Application Integration. Choose the preferred application that you want to set up SSO for. If required, provide the Application Name and Description in the General Settings tab.

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