Ncedcloud Teacher Login | Monitoring Your Students Acitivies

As an educator, you should be familiar with working with student accounts. Assisting students with signing into their NCEdCloud accounts is crucial to fostering a welcoming classroom community. This post will describe how you, as a teacher, may access and assign your students’ login credentials (passwords and usernames) and how to utilize this platform to modify their passwords. 

PSUs would be more appropriate for instructors to provide their students with their usernames and passwords if they attempt to enter Ncedcloud for the first time (e.g., new students, new classes, or students who have used badges in prior years). Let us check out the details of the Ncedcloud Teacher Login.

Monitoring and Organizing Student Information

 Let’s now explore how to access and control your student’s information. By doing this, you will be able to see every student registered for your class, generate their usernames and passwords, and assign them their login information. 

Examining And Providing Students With Account Information

 Getting to the Function: 

  • Select Applications from the dropdown menu.
  • Go to People and choose My Student from the list of choices.

NCEdCloud My Student Section

  • You will see this choice on the left side of the screen.
  • Seeing Students Who Are Enrolled.
  • A list of students will appear after choosing My Student.
  • These are the pupils registered in the classrooms where you are the designated Primary Teacher.

 Additional Choices:

Upon selecting the preferred student or students, several alternatives will become accessible.

Change Password and Export (to print a list of your pupils) are two alternatives.


Furthermore, click the Details icon to the far right to get further details about a particular student.

NCEdCloud Teacher

Modifying the Passwords of Students 

  • Proceed to and sign in with your credentials.
  • Go to Application > Open Dropdown menu > People > My Students to change your Password.
  • You may input the new Password for the student. After that, the “forgot password” window opens.
  • Please enter your new Password again in the box below to confirm it.

teachers change students password

  • After completing all the steps, click the red-labeled “Save” button to save your modifications and modify the student’s Password.

End User Video Guide For Teachers In NCEdCloud

Check the complete video guide for teachers. It is a guide for teachers to use NCEdCloud. This video will help you to under how to perform as a teacher in the NCEdCloud IAM system.

Note: If a student’s password is changed. Then, the QR badge will need to be reprinted.

NCEdCloud Student Accounts: Primary vs. Secondary

The roles and privileges that primary and secondary student account settings in NCEdCloud have vary inside the system. The main variations are as follows:

For Primary Student

  • Usually, Primary Student Account are the primary account holders with unique usernames and passwords.
  • They are more independent and responsible for their personal data and account settings.
  • Primary student accounts often provide access to a greater variety of features and capabilities.
  • Primary kids can control their educational materials, examine grades, engage directly with different programs, and contact instructors using these accounts.

For Secondary Student

  • Secondary Student Account: Usually connected to main student accounts are secondary student accounts.
  • Usually, the elementary pupils or their assigned instructors are in charge of creating and overseeing them.
  • Since elementary students or teachers are generally in charge of them, secondary students may have limited influence over their account settings and functionality.
  • These accounts often provide limited access to certain features, emphasizing teamwork and communication resources above complete administrative authority.


Go to the official NCEdCloud website and input your username and password to access the NCEdCloud Teacher Login portal. Ensure you possess the proper credentials your school or other educational establishment has issued.

Usually, you may utilize the “Forgot Password” or “Reset Password” options on the login page if you can’t remember your NCEdCloud password. To reset your password, adhere to the guidelines. This might include responding to security questions or getting an email with a password reset link.

Yes, web browsers on mobile devices may commonly access NCEdCloud. Specific functions and applications could have dedicated mobile apps, so you should consult the official sources or contact the IT department at your school for advice.

The North Carolina school system uses various instructional tools and software accessible via NCEdCloud. The particular applications could change according to your district or school. For a list of available apps, contact the IT department at your school.

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