Rapididentity | How To Access NCEdCloud with RapidIdentity App

The NCED RapidIdentity Application, compatible with iOS and Android devices, provides access to NCEdCloud. The Ncedcloud Rapididentity Application allows any parent, teacher, or student with an NCEdCloud account to log in.

How Can I Use the RapidIdentity App to Access NCEdCloud?

  • Install the RapidIdentity application after downloading it.
  • When the program opens, choose “Continue” from the Startup menu.
  • Click to bring up a drop-down menu, then choose NCEdCloud from the available selections.
  • Enter the login credentials for NCEdCloud.


  • Access all NCEdCloud content straight from your mobile device.
  • QuickIdentity Online
  • This website is a component of the Rapididentity Ncedcloud Portal. Welcome.

For instructors and students alike, the RapidIdentity app offers a simple and safe method to access NCEdCloud via a smooth identification procedure. The NCEdCloud platform provides a centralised centre for a range of educational materials and apps, with the aim of optimising the effectiveness of North Carolina’s educational system.

Note: Users must first download and install the RapidIdentity software on their selected device—a computer, tablet, or smartphone—in order to start using it for NCEdCloud access. A large number of people may readily use the app since it is usually available in well-known app stores.

After installation, the RapidIdentity software offers an intuitive interface that makes authentication stages simpler, expediting the login process. To guarantee that only those with permission may use the NCEdCloud platform, users are required to provide their login credentials, which include their username and password.

The application uses strong security protocols to safeguard user data, using multi-factor authentication and encryption to strengthen the login process. This complies with recommended procedures for digital security in educational settings and protects sensitive data as well.

Additionally, the RapidIdentity app improves the user experience by offering features like the ability to modify account data straight from the application and change passwords. As a result, customers are able to retain control over their accounts, guaranteeing a seamless and customised experience while using NCEdCloud services.

Teachers may access a wealth of instructional materials on the NCEdCloud network by using the RapidIdentity app. This covers technologies for peer cooperation, student data analysis, and classroom administration. The app acts as a portal for students to access digital assignments, resources, and instructor contact channels.


You may reset your NCEdcloud account password by visiting my.ncedcloud.org if you’ve forgotten it. Next, choose “Forgot password” and adhere to the prompts shown on the screen. You may also go straight to PSU’s or your school’s technical support, and they will help you reset the password.

Check whether there are any outstanding updates for the RapidIdentity app from the PlayStore or AppStore first if it isn’t operating and preventing you from accessing your NCEdCloud account. Additionally, confirm that you are entering your login information correctly. If the issue persists, get help from NCEdCloud Support.

Yes, you can log into your NCEdCloud account on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and more, by using the RapidIdentity mobile application.

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