For New Users | How To Claim and Verify My Account

Ncedcloud claim my account: You may access all of the educational materials and tools your institution has to offer, along with a tonne of other helpful features, by claiming your NCEDCloud account. Finally, you will have real-time access to your child’s academic achievement if you create an account as a parent.

NCEdCloud Account Claim

The official websites make it simple for new hires and optional new students in grades 6 through 12 to claim their NCEdCloud IAM Service credentials. Remember that K–2 kids are unable to claim their accounts. Through the “My Students” view option, teachers may give their pupils their student numbers and passwords, and employees (with privileged roles) can do the same. 

How Can I Get My NCEdCloud Account Back?

The procedures for claiming an NCEdcloud account vary for parents, employees, and students. It would help if you chose the appropriate Claim policy from the drop-down option on the registration page. 

LEA Employee Account Claim

  • Use the LEA employee claim policy to retrieve your NCEdCloud account.
  • Go to with an open web browser to start the account-claiming procedure.
  • When you go to the website, look for and choose the “Claim My Account” link.
  • A “Claim Policy” drop-down menu will now appear; click it to reveal the menu, then choose LEA Employee Claim Policy.


  • You will need to provide some personal information on the page in order to verify your identity. This will include your date of birth, LEA/Charter School Code, and Employee Staff UID#.
  • Click “Next” after solving the “I’m not a robot” box.
  • Now, follow the procedure to claim your account.

LEA Student Account Claim

  • Select “LEA Student claim policy” from the drop-down option on the Claim form, then click Next.


  • Enter all of the necessary data. Type in your grade level, your birthdate (YYYY/MM/DD), your student UID number, and finally, your three-digit LEA or charter school code.
  • To finish the reCaptcha verification, click the “I’m not a robot” box.
  • Then, follow the steps to claim your account.

Parent/ Guardian Account Claim

  • Click “Parent/Guardian Claim Policy” from the Claim form menu when it has opened, then choose “Next.”


  • Enter the Claim code in the first box. The NCEdCloud IAM service sends you a claim code. Second, provide the precise email address you used to get the claim code (you cannot use a different email address).


  • You can see the Employee Account Claim Video, which will walk you through each step if you prefer visual assistance. Additionally, students in grades 6 through 12 may see the Claim Account Video for Students
  • You may use this method to claim your account if you are a student in grades 6 through 12. Just click the drop-down menu and choose “Student Claim Form.” 
  • Once completed, choose “Next” to finish the steps to claim your account.

Important: If the “Next” button shows an error and doesn’t work (remains “grayed out”). Then the information you entered is incorrect. You need to enter the information in the correct format. For further help, see the Troubleshooting with Account Claiming Issues.

Now, you have learned the steps to claim your account. Once you are ready, Click on the “Claim Account” button below to start the account claiming procedure.

Important Elements of Claiming an NCEdCloud Account

Registering as a User:

The process of becoming a user on NCEdCloud begins with user registration. To use the site, educators, administrators, and students must first establish accounts. Users provide basic details like their name, email address, and connection with an educational institution throughout this procedure.

Account Claiming: In the NCEdCloud system, account claiming is an essential step that creates the connection between a user and their educational institution. After confirming their identification and affiliation with a particular school or district, users may claim their accounts.

Procedure for Verification:

The procedure of verification guarantees the stated accounts’ legitimacy. Frequently, this phase involves the use of multi-factor authentication techniques, such as email confirmation or verification codes texted to registered cell phones. This additional security measure shields private educational information from prying eyes.

Significance of Verifying and Claiming NCEdCloud Accounts:

Information Security:

Assessment results and student records are only two examples of the sensitive data that educational institutions handle and retain in enormous quantities. By adding an extra degree of protection, NCEdCloud’s account claiming and verification procedure protects this data from possible data breaches and unauthorised access.

Allocation of Resources: Accurate account claims and verification facilitate effective resource allocation for educational establishments. NCEdCloud makes it possible for schools to efficiently manage licences and subscriptions by guaranteeing that only authorised persons have access to certain tools and information.

User Accountability: In educational environments, accountability is essential. The process of claiming an NCEdCloud account connects users to their specific organisations, encouraging accountability and responsibility. This guarantees the ability to link specific acts taken on the platform to certain users, encouraging the responsible use of digital resources.

Simplified Access: NCEdCloud’s simplified access improves the effectiveness of education as a whole. Users don’t need to go through complicated authentication procedures or remember numerous logins to access a vast variety of digital tools and services once their accounts have been claimed and validated.

Problems and Solutions:

The procedure of claiming and verifying an NCEdCloud account is necessary, but it is easy. Certain users can have challenges while claiming, which might result in obstacles while trying to access instructional materials. In order to aid with this, NCEdCloud offers extensive support services, including online tools and helplines, to walk customers through the claims and verification processes.


The effectiveness of contemporary education systems in the digital era depends critically on having efficient and safe access to educational materials. In order for educators, administrators, and students to fully utilise digital resources while upholding the highest levels of data security, NCEdCloud’s Account Claiming and Verification procedure is an essential first step. The NCEdCloud project is proof of the state’s dedication to providing a strong, centralised platform for 21st-century learning as North Carolina continues to set the standard for educational technology integration.


Not directly; if you are not a teacher, you can’t obtain an account on Ncedcloud. If you do not presently work as a teacher but still need access to the platform, get in touch with your organisation or school district and inquire about your possibilities.

No, there is no fee associated with claiming an account on NCEdCloud. There are not any additional costs or hidden expenses related to setting up your account. Before claiming an account, you should review the policies and agreements of your institution.

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